Goldsmith Guild of NZ

We are delighted to have received prestigious Goldsmith Guild of NZ membership. Goldsmiths Guild of New Zealand members have industry-recognised qualifications and promote additional training of qualified tradespeople and apprentices. The Guild recognises the skill of its members to a standard of excellence. Members agree to abide by the Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand [...]

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New Source of Rubies

We can now supply Natural Untreated Rubies from a new source in Madagascar. They show good red colour with a slight to strong pinkish hue. Beautiful stones that offer great value and are guaranteed untreated! ...and they make great center stones. A ring we have created for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary Get a Ruby quote [...]

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Hello to

Welcome to our new website. We will continually extend & update the site and especially the webshop.  So make sure you will return every so often to check what is new and what is on special.   Our activities revolve around Gold (lat. Or) - be it the admiring, dreaming, designing or making of [...]

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