With all the uncertainty around us there remains one certainty: The current situation will pass.

There will be bad and there will be good things come out of it. Let us concentrate on some of the good stuff.

Like LOVE and what spirited actions it can lead to. Like deciding what is important in life, and like thinking about proposing to your sweetheart…

A great starting point is obviously having a unique ring custom made. It truly shows commitment from your side. Your partner will value the fact that her engagement ring is a bespoke piece of jewellery.

And then of course the location and all the finer details matter too:

Get inspired by some of these amazing proposals from our customers:

Sam rowed his bride-to-be across Lake Wanaka to propose on Ruby island with a bespoke Ruby ring

Saul proposed in his native Cumbria’s Castlerigg Stone Circle at sunrise with a unique NZ ring commissioned from Central Otago gold. He was awarded NZ MOST ROMANTIC Proposal WINNER by NZ Bride & Groom magazine

Dwayne originally proposed to Nadia with a shell ring he found on a beach during their travels around Australia. Nadia was later involved in the design of………

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