“We both want to thank you very, very much for creating the ultimate piece of jewellery for us. Your talent has been immortalised as has our love in this ring, and it is something that will definitely outlive us!…”
Samantha & Pokai, New Zealand

“The rings have arrived safely thank you. Every bit as good as we expected. The fit is perfect too. We will have a daily reminder of our time in the beautiful NZ countryside.”
Vince & Erika, Great Britain

“A huge thank you for the amazing job you have done with our wedding rings. They look great.”
Andy & Deb, New Zealand

“Thank you so much Juerg for the fabulous ring and earrings you have made. They are a true work of art! We were so amazed with the time you took to listen to us, provide designs and then produce them into pieces that absolutely blew us away. Thanks again, we will be back!”
Tamsin & Luke, New Zealand

“I am utterly delighted with my lovely ring which reached me safely on wednesday. It is perfect and you have interpreted my wishes exactly. The sapphire looks wonderfuf, just as you have said, and the diamonds next to it make the ring so eye-catching.
I am a thrilled customer and am very grateful to you for your kind interest and excellent attention. I am very proud to wear my wonderful ring which looks set to endure, without looking the least clumsy or chunky. It is beautiful. Thank you Juerg.”
Dyann, New Zealand

“G’day Juerg. Just letting you know that the rings arrived. They are very beautiful and we are very happy with them. We will be showing them off to everyone at our engagement party on Saturday night! Thank you so much”
Candice & Mark, Australia

“…you will be glad to hear that she said YES and she was amazed with the ring. So was I. It is perfect and everything I wanted. I will have to ask you to make us some wedding bands…..Many many thanks”
Paul, Great Britain

“I think the ring looks fantastic. I’m sure Sue will be very happy as well. Tell me – could you make a matching pendant for it ?…”
Rob, New Zealand

“Thank you so much for doing my bracelet. It is absolutely beautiful. It looks so lovely – just as I could have never imagined it! Have a Happy Christmas….”
Jennie, New Zealand

“..just bloody ……beautiful! The bluepearls are so stunning. What am I ever gonna give for Christmas now? Leah wore it when we went to the ball in Norway and everybody absolutely loved it. I am sure you will get some enquieries from Norge soon…”
Mark, Great Britain & Norway

“Many thanks for the rings; they are fabulous and we are really enjoying wearing them! We are so glad we met in New Zealand”
Jerry & Candice, U.S.A

“All received thank thank thank thank THANK YOU I love them!! They are so awesome, I am really happy.”
Maria, Australia

 Kind words we’ve received from all around the world. It’s a pleasure to be part of a wonderful experience. The thanks go to my customers.