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The MAKING of a Winner

..how it came alive

NZ’s Most Romantic Proposal WINNERS

Saul & Oriwia have just won NZ Bride & Groom magazines competition!
I am super happy for them and honoured to have been entrusted with the making of Ori’s ring.

Saul contacted me with the desire to design & make a unique ring with NZ gold, gemstones and workmanship:
“My aim was to create a unique ring with New Zealand materials and workmanship. Over time, and with much research, this came to fruition with a bespoke ring made from Shotover Gold in Queenstown and….”


Green sapphire set in white and yellow gold ring

More on  brideandgroom.co.nz


We had the pleasure to create three exquisite Diamond Rings recently.

Whilst they are very different, there’s a similarity in the design aspect: an aim for simplicity in form with clear and clean lines.

The result =  Timeless Elegance.

Illusion tension-set Diamond Ring in Platinum

Illusion tension-set Diamond Ring in Platinum


ENDLESS Diamond Ring


Diamond set Russiam Wedder

Russian Wedder with a twist, in Yellow-, Rose- and White Gold set with Diamonds



please contact us to have your own designer piece made >>

Didn’t I say “…and more…”

It’s a great pleasure do work on REMODELS. Might it be broken jewellery, a heirloom that just hasn’t been worn for decades or simply a piece of old jewellery that isn’t liked anymore.

We can re-use your gold, diamonds and gemstones and create a new piece of jewellery for you.

Here’s a few examples we’ve created recently:


Re-modelled wedding ring with flush-set diamonds

Remodeled wedding ring with flush-set diamonds


Diamond Engagement ring

Lisa’s Diamond Engagement ring. Jason surprised her with a beautiful center diamond.


Pair of stunning Diamond Dress Rings

Pair of stunning Diamond Dress Rings


Bespoke Sapphire & Tourmaline ring

Lee’s bespoke Sapphire & Tourmaline ring has finally risen from the ashes



We remodel jewellery to create new heirlooms >>




Here’s a few things we’ve been working on and have finished since our last post.

Textured Wedding Rings bespoke made for Jill & Gary

BEACH wedding rings, and yes the wedding was at the beach in Fiji


Engraved Floral Design Wedding Ring with Diamonds,  made from local alluvial gold

Major New Deposit In Madagascar Producing Kashmir-like Sapphires!

According to Swiss gem-testing laboratory SSEF Madagascar is the site of a new gem-rush, which over the past few months has produced an impressive amount of blue sapphires and fancy coloured sapphires of partly exceptional size and quality.  “The deposit appears to be a new gem source of greater importance than anything we have seen in recent years.”

Only a lab can tell the difference between these sapphires and those from Kashmir, according to SSEF.


Blue_Kashmir_like_ Sapphires_

Two ‘Kashmir-like’ sapphires of exceptional size and quality from Madagascar. The stone at left is 30 carats, while the one at right is 13 carats.

KASHMIR:–The Sapphires of Kashmir form an exclusive class of their own. In the Jewel trade it is customary to attach the appellation ‘Kashmir’ to any fine Sapphire regardless of its geographical origin. This is an indication of the outstanding qualities of Kashmir Sapphires. The colour of these Sapphires resembles the beautiful hue of the peacock’s neck, a velvety blue. Even a small concentration of that fine colour illuminates the entire structure of the Gem. Today, with the exception of estate sales, fine Kashmir sapphires of true origin are virtually unobtainable.


 We offer great sapphires, in many different sizes and qualities >>