Didn’t I say “…and more…”

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Didn’t I say “…and more…”

It’s a great pleasure do work on REMODELS. Might it be broken jewellery, a heirloom that just hasn’t been worn for decades or simply a piece of old jewellery that isn’t liked anymore.

We can re-use your gold, diamonds and gemstones and create a new piece of jewellery for you.

Here’s a few examples we’ve created recently:


Re-modelled wedding ring with flush-set diamonds

Remodeled wedding ring with flush-set diamonds


Diamond Engagement ring

Lisa’s Diamond Engagement ring. Jason surprised her with a beautiful center diamond.


Pair of stunning Diamond Dress Rings

Pair of stunning Diamond Dress Rings


Bespoke Sapphire & Tourmaline ring

Lee’s bespoke Sapphire & Tourmaline ring has finally risen from the ashes



We remodel jewellery to create new heirlooms >>


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