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Hey Nature Lovers We have added a new slider of our popular NATURE design range to the website NATURE COLLECTION A selection of previously created custom pieces. Inspired by New Zealand’s amazing natural environment: we can re-create your favorite scenery as a ring, earrings, brooch or pendant incorporating locally found Natural [...]

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In the meantime…engaged!!

We are still catching up after a very busy engagement and wedding season. It's been great. Here's a ring I've recently finished after a young man approached me with the wish to have a ring made from local gold. I've even incorporated a little of his own alluvial gold that he found into the rosegold [...]

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DIAMOND RING Lucky number 3

I've had the pleasure to add a 3rd ring to the already stunning duo. The set juxtapositions different golds and setting styles........AND looks fantastic! 3rd ring made in Yellow Gold with graduated Diamonds spaced apart   2nd ring made in Rose Gold with micro-set Diamonds in band.      1st ring in Platinum & Rose [...]

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I've just had the pleasure to source this beautiful Purple Sapphire Purple Sapphire Umba Stunning colour and precision cut to .9ct. In a round cut this size is perfect for a ring. This gem is top quality....natural colour, sourced by the cutter and very well cut. Contact us if you'd like to know more...

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HALO BluePearl Ring now available from our webshop

To make it easier, this beautiful ring can now be ordered from Due to it's success, we've added it to our ORBIT Signature Collection and the webshop, where you can select the colour of the pearl and the gold.    

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When we talk colours we shouldn't forget NZ's own stunning PAUA BluePearls. Here is a Halo ring amidst these beautiful naturallly coloured pearls. Colour burst from the sea Pāua, the Maori name for abalone, are commonly found in shallow coastal waters along rocky shorelines and feed on seaweed. The pāua is iconic in [...]

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